Short Sleeves Coffee Co. is a teeny tiny family run coffee roasting company based out of Black Mountain, NC. It was founded by Daniel & Emily Lancaster + their two toddlers, Elliot & Theodore. 

The goal: provide sustainable, ethical, high quality, delicious coffees...without all of the pretension that normally comes with it. 

We receive all of our coffee through importers who have a direct relationship with the growers; we carefully select coffees grown with sustainable practices; and we place our attention towards all of the fine details within each step of the coffee production process to ensure that the best is pulled out of each and every coffee we offer. 

You can certainly use big words, fancy fedoras, and trendy gear to showcase the beauty of coffee (and much of the modern specialty coffee industry trends that way)...however, you can also do all of that in a t-shirt. Here's to the t-shirt people. The normal people who just want some delicious, sustainable, ethical coffee. 

About Daniel:
Daniel Lancaster is the founder of Coffee Made Better where he utilized his various experiences as a barista and cafe manager to write numerous articles on coffee culture, science, trends and coffee brewing techniques that have been read and shared by hundreds of thousands. Daniel has also contributed numerous articles to Perfect Daily Grind, and has written a book titled, The Coffee Recipe Book (we sell this btw) that has been read by coffee curious people all over the world. 

Building off of his years of experience working & writing in the coffee industry, Daniel now roasts coffee for his friends, neighbors, and fellow humans around the world through Short Sleeves Coffee Co.

About Emily:
Emily's years of working alongside (and just honestly being married to) Daniel give her insight to help manage some of the day to day operations. You may find her making deliveries, keeping up with inventory & orders, roasting from time to time, and generally filling in the various loose ends. 

About Elliot & Theodore:
These two tots run the quality control department. They ask lot's of questions, inspect every piece of equipment & detail, and ensure that fun is being had all the time. Truly, nothing escapes them. Truly.

Email: hi@shortsleevescoffee.com

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