Where do you get your beans from?

We work with some farmers that we have a direct relationship with, and also work through ethical coffee importers that have a direct and ongoing intentional relationship with the farmers they import coffee from. We receive and roast coffee from Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, and many other small portions of the world. 

Is Your Coffee Fair Trade?

Not necessarily. The Fair Trade certification is an AWESOME thing for coffee producers that can be part of it. However, it is not comprehensive enough to allow for farmers who don't have the means to be certified to still take part.

We operate in a Direct Trade model in which we oftentimes pay farmers well above the Fair Trade price, and only work with importers who do so as well.

There's lot's of helpful info out there on the subject, however, here's one helpful stance.

Is Your Coffee Organic?

Some of them at times are certified organic. Which is excellent. However, the vast majority of our coffees are not certified organic. Organic Certification is great in what it intends to do for the consumer, however, it is very costly and prohibitive for most coffee farmers to receive that certification.

We largely work with farmers who have not been able to pay for and receive this certification, though they do indeed use organic practices on their farm. We prefer to work with farms and importers that are extremely transparent in their farming practices, and we work with those that use methods that are traceable and work to bring out the best in their crop, but also their land. Coffee farms that plumage the soil and the Earth with chemicals and unsavory practices do not interest us; no matter how delicious the coffee is.

So in short, no, our coffee isn't "certified organic", but in long-form...we are very intentional about only sourcing organically produced coffee. 

What's the Difference Between a Blend and a Single Origin?

A single origin is a coffee that comes from one specific source. At times, they are even pinpointed down to the exact farm or shareholder. A blend is composed of at least two coffees coming from different locations and maybe different processing methods. 

Some coffee purists love the single origin for its uniqueness and ability to pull out distinct flavor profiles based on it's terroir.

Others love the blend for the ability it offers roasters to take different coffees to craft something entirely unique, well-rounded, and satisfying.

Both are exciting in our opinion, and deserve a place on our menu.

Our blends aren't simply stuffed with cheap coffee to mask defects, but are instead crafted using extremely high quality beans that will mesh together to create a new experience.

Our Single origins are always picked for their uniqueness, and are meticulously mulled over, sampled, and evaluated before we bring them on our menu.

Why is grocery store coffee cheaper than yours?

We try to pay farmers a fair wage, so we're oftentimes paying 2+ times the current commodity market price to our farmers. This allows them to receive a fair wage, but also allows them to invest more money into producing higher quality coffee. The coffee we buy is produced with much more care and attention to detail than (most) grocery store coffee. We then roast each batch by hand, in very small batches. It's packaged by hand, labeled by hand, and shipped by hand (sometimes delivered by hand!). We're small, and we're dedicated to quality, so this level of attention to detail at times causes inefficiencies; sure...but we're fine with that. We think you'll notice the extra care that goes into each bag. 

I don't understand any of the information provided for each coffee. How can I pick one I know I'll like?

Check out this little chart  which shows the range of coffees we offer based on lightness -> darkness and more traditional vs more modern coffees. If you can pinpoint what type of style you like, it will be really easy to see some good options there!

We've got a variety of coffees depending on your style preferences.

Pick a coffee on the "Classic" and "Dark" side if you like more oldschool, roasty, bold coffees such as "The Dark Blend Blend", "Decaf Brazil Primavera", or the "Debbie Upper Espresso Blend".

Pick a coffee on the "Modern" and "light" side such as our "Nicaragua Santa Teresa" if you like a coffee with a little more nuance such as fruity, floral, or funky notes.

Or, meet in the middle with the "Wonderful World Blend" or our "Guatemala Huehuetenango".


If you ever have any questions, just shoot us an email at:
hi@shortsleevescoffee.com and we'll help ya find something you'll love.